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Our Story

It's a family affair

Eddie’s Variety is a family-owned Italian specialty shoppe founded in 1947. Founder, Edward ‘Eddie’ DiPhilippo, was a renowned Portland business owner and was considered the "patriarch of the golfing DiPhilippos". He founded Eddie’s Variety to serve authentic Italian food and be “a place where folks could bring their families & let their kids play”.


Eddie worked alongside his beloved wife, Henrietta DiPhilippo, and their two sons Jim & Anthony DiPhilippo. They ran the business together for a few decades before passing it down to, third generation, Joseph DiPhilippo, in 1993. Today, this local mom & pop shop is owned and operated by Joseph DiPhilippo and his, fourth generation, children. 


Eddie's serves a wide variety of menu items such as fresh dough pizza, homemade Italian dinners, and a number of customizable deli & grill options. Come on in and experience the Eddie's old-school family charm!

*1st Generation - Henrietta DiPhilippo

2nd Genration - Jim DiPhilippo

1st Generation - Edward DiPhilippo

(left to right)

*2nd Generation -

Anthony DiPhilippo (in white) & Jim DiPhilippo (blue)

(left to right)


*1st Generation - Edward 'Eddie' DiPhilippo

*1st Generation -

Edward DiPhilippo

*2nd Generation -

Jim & Anthony DiPhilippo

(left to right)

*4th Gen - Joseph DiPhilippo

3rd Gen - Joseph DiPhilippo

2nd Gen - Jim DiPhilippo 

(left to right)

*3rd  Generation - Anthony DiPhilippo

1st Generation - Henrietta DiPhilippo

3rd Generation - Joseph DiPhilippo 

(left to right)


Serving the Portland Community Since 1947

"If you are in North Deering, from Greater Portland, Eddies is a must. It is the staple for the blue collar workers that keep the city looking pristine year round. Joe is a quick wit with a amiable respect for hard work. He is the embodiment of the spirit of the American dream. A slice of cheese puts the mind at ease"
-Les Strauss
"This is the only old school corner store left! The staff is awesome... The food is great and reasonably priced. Worth the drive to North Deering!" 
- Amanda
"Lots of variety at lunch with food "ready to go"...There was pizza , sandwiches, pasta salad, and other good stuff for when you have a quick lunch time!"
 - Dan
"Outstanding family-owned old school variety store. Great food & great people work there. Joe the owner is a super good guy"
- James
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